A few weeks ago I received my first positive reply for a short story. The great news came from the awesome people at Schlock and you can read it on the Schock website.  A few afterthoughts: kind of nice to […]



We have many toys in the house like this tiny, weird Santa who for some reason doesn’t want to leave the bird cage: or this little owl over here who always looks drunk in the evening, even though he wouldn […]


Why I changed my newsletter

This is a sample from the last newsletter I sent.   It’s all literally handcrafted except, of course, for the final image which I scanned and uploaded to Mailchimp.    The decision to change it came about a month or […]



A while ago I wrote this poem about two spies. One of them falls for the other. She wore a knee-high cherry dress hair up, like in the movies. long heels, sharp eyes and lips, that shone like rubies. and […]