Second episode from Shoujaa the strange.

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Tossing and turning, Shoujaa could not rest an eye

for thoughts of the past day kept picking his mind.

Capsules or rockets with words up in the sky,

none of the options that he had outlined

felt right to express what he felt inside.

Along with the first rays of sunlight next day,

his face lightened up, he’d found the best way.

He got up and looked through an old, dusty box

where he kept things found during his walks.

“How could I forget? How did I not see?”

His hands held a star case, wood from an old cherry tree,

with flowers of Kielo and wild grape vine leaves.

He took it outside, got it it close to his lips,

and whispered the stories his heart never ceased

to pump through his veins, like a magical piece.

As soon as the words reached the wooden star box,

a small breeze unfolded, tickling the little white drops.

Now wrapped in a colored heart symphony,

Shoujaa’s message was out; he smiled blissfully.

*Illustration by Alexander Glonin

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