Third episode from Shoujaa the strange. Ideally to be read chronologically. 

Shoujaa the strange, episode 1

Shoujaa the strange, episode 2

Trisk, trisk

sang Olivia’s feet

as she travelled the planet

they now know as Stith.

Once vibrant and green, trees kissing the sky,

now gloomy and weak like a woeful goodbye.

But for the little, young woman

with green, curly hair

there was no room for such thoughts,

no time for despair.

For she had to go to the old Dari tree

and look for the map of Dag Galaxy.

Little by little night settled in

and just when she thought she’ll surely cave in

a colorful wave appeared in sight

and a soft melody reached out to her heart.

“My mind must be tired, it plays tricks on me

but this warm, tender feeling

like a long dreamlike spree

too strong to evade, is calling for me.”

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