Fourth episode from Shoujaa the strange. Ideally to be read chronologically. 

Shoujaa the strange, episode 1

Shoujaa the strange, episode 2

Shoujaa the strange, episode 3

Days came and days passed as they used to before

bringing nothing but silence to Shoujaa’s love call.

And then, one night, Fred came at his feet

purring and meowing, got him out of his seat.

“What is it old friend,

what makes you so nervous?

There’s no one out there,

nothing can hurt us.”

But Fred kept on crying, he called him outside,

his face looked so happy, he smiled so wide.

“Fred, I’m too tired to play games tonight,

so why don’t you come back and call it a night?

“Fred, can’t you hear me?”, Shoujaa said as he opened the door,

but soon he turned speechless, like never before.

A tree had appeared in front of his house,

majestic and tall; made him feel like a mouse.

With small, careful steps and a loud, restless heart,

Shoujaa approached the big tree, now two feet apart.

And there he found her, waiting for him,

smiling and glowing, she looked like a dream.

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